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The Hyperbaric centre OXYGENA has been established as the first private medical centre in Bulgaria, offering medical treatment in multiplace barochambers according the international classifications and standards.

The OXYGENA Centre is situated in the Black Sea city of Varna, on the premises of the "St. Marina" University Hospital of Varna.

The Centre is situated on a first storey in the south-eastern part of the Therapeutic hospital. It has a separate entrance and it's accessible with a car or an ambulance.


  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • Recompression therapy for diving disorders
  • Consultation and Treatment of traumatic injuries and orthopedic disorders
  • Medical examinations and baro-function test for divers
  • Ozone therapy
  • Fitness and Nutritional advice
  • Specialized medical transport with ambulance in the city of Varna and all country

Our qualified staff take care of your health, convenience and tranquility.

The OXYGENA Hyperbaric Medical Centre is equipped with 2 multiplace hyperbaric chambers.

One of the chambers has 8 sitting places and the seats are movable which allows a stretcher to be transported into the chamber. The chamber is equipped with individual breathing devices and oxygen masks, product of leading international company with a great experience in the manufacture of hyperbaric equipment.

The chamber has operational volume 8,5 m3 and operational pressure up to 4 atm.

The link between the patients in the chamber and the outside operator is accomplished through audio and video system. Communication is also by direct visualization through the chamber windows.


The second chamber has 2- sections with volume 7 m3 (3, 5 m3 for each section) and operational pressure up to 10 atm.

At present our Hyperbaric Centre become a member of the international organisation DAN (Divers Alert Network), specialized in diving medicine and providing safety and assistance to divers.

OXYGENA as a part of this network will provide medical care and treatment in hyperbaric chambers after accidents with divers (members of DAN).

 Hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO) | The HBOT process | Indications for hyperbaric oxygen therapy 
 About OXYGENA hyperbaric medical centre |  Our staff | Contact us 
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